Best Wireless Headphones For TV – 2016 Guide

Best wireless headphones for TV

Do you like to watch television after hours, when everyone else is in the bed, but worry about disturbing the little ones? Well, most parents fear awakening their children, so they just turn the home theatre off and go to bed, but that is not necessary any more. The wireless headset will allow you to listen to the TV, at your volume preference, without interfering with others. There are several specifics that you will need to consider, before you actually purchase the wireless earbuds for TV. Below you will discover the top 4 best wireless headphones for TV.

What to Look For

  • Range of Transmission – Cordless headphones are a little bit unique, since they rely on wireless technology for transmission. When watching television, you don’t always sit around. Sometimes, you’ll get up and walk around, in order to use the bathroom or grab some popcorn. With this in mind, you’ll want to assure that you choose a set of headphones, which are capable of offering a sufficiently long range of transmission.
  • Sound Quality – Although wireless headphones are capable of providing sound quality that is equal to wired sets, it is vital to remember the possible interferences. By choosing the best headphones, with the best wireless connection, you can eliminate interference and experience the best sound quality imaginable.
  • Dolby Digital – Since many DVDs and Blu-Rays rely on the Dolby Digital format to deliver audio, it is imperative for your headset to be able to provide this type of sound. With this type of audio, you’ll receive a much more realistic, clearer and all around better sound quality.
  • Battery Longevity – Remember that wireless headphones are installed with rechargeable batteries. Although this can be wonderful and advantageous, it also means you’ll need to charge your battery from time to time. To prevent interruptions and inconveniences, you should choose the best battery possible!
  • Comfort – Finally, it is imperative to choose a set that is entirely comfortable, regardless of your usage. Since many television lovers want to sit around and watch several shows or movies, they’ll be sitting in front of their television for several hours. During this period of time, an uncomfortable pair of headphones would be intolerable. Therefore, your headphones need to be lightweight and comfortable!

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Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF

[easyazon_link identifier="B009A6CZYO" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF[/easyazon_link]

Under £180


Sennheiser RS120

[easyazon_link identifier="B005SO0OFE" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]Sennheiser RS120 [/easyazon_link]

Under £80


Sennheiser RS 160

[easyazon_link identifier="B002SOU2Y0" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]Sennheiser RS 160 [/easyazon_link]

Under £100


Panasonic RP-WF950EB-S

[easyazon_link identifier="B003X5TZPA" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]Panasonic RP-WF950EB-S[/easyazon_link]

Under £60


Sennheiser RS 170

[easyazon_link identifier="B002TLT10I" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]Sennheiser RS 170[/easyazon_link]

Under £200


August EP650

[easyazon_link identifier="B00F54Y6GU" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]August EP650[/easyazon_link]

Under £40


August Int
Thomson WHP3001BK

[easyazon_link identifier="B0057LWOPG" locale="UK" tag="myaudiosound1-21"]Thomson WHP3001BK[/easyazon_link]

Under £30


Thomson Logo
RIF6 Digital Wireless Headphones

[easyazon_link identifier="B00QJ5MY18" locale="US" nw="y" tag="myaudiosound2-20"]RIF6 Digital Wireless Headphones[/easyazon_link]

Under $65


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Wireless RF

The Sony wireless RF allows you the option of adjusting your volume, without limits. This is perfect for someone that suffers from mild-partial deafness, which is genuinely hard to find in a listening device. The wireless option offers the user flexibility, which is great for someone that likes to frequent the kitchen for snacks. You will have a 30 feet transmittance allowance, so that you can continue to listen to the TV, without missing a beat.

The over-the-ear design will allow you to listen to the TV, without interference of external sound this feature will also eliminate the fear of your bed partner hearing the volume, as well. The 40mm driver and 100 db earpiece sensitivity provides an outstanding sound like no other brand.

The rechargeable batteries will be fully charged after 3 ½ hours and will last up to 25 hours, before you will need to replace the headphone back on the docking station. The 1/8” audio jack will allow you to utilize these headphones with your game console and Internet TV, as well.

The lightweight and ergonomic design will offer you long wear and use, without weighing you down or causing ear sensitivity. The ear cups are constructed out of thick foam and an overlay of vinyl, which is very comfortable.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"THE BEST!!!!!" -By CKB
"Great product"  - By Bearhawk

Sennheiser RS120 


Sennheiser is one of the leading names in headphones and they do no falter with the RS120. The headphones are capable of connecting to your television with the use of lightweight radio frequencies. Although interferences might diminish the reception somewhat, the manufacturer suggests that the headphones are capable of picking up a transmission from up to 300 feet away. 

Unfortunately, these headphones aren’t equipped with Bluetooth technology, which might turn off some individuals. Still, the package includes the wireless transmitter, which is also used to charge your headphones, which are powered with two AAA NiMH batteries. These batteries require recharging, after approximately 20 hours of use. With the wireless transmitter, it is possible to connect up to 100 headsets, so everyone can enjoy interference free sound.

The headphones are equipped with many excellent options, which make life much easier. First, the controls are located directly on the headphone. They can help you tune the channel, adjust the volume, or shut off the power to the headset. Remember that three individual RF channels are included to ensure that you have access to a channel, which is free of interferences. For the price of the headphones, they’re tremendously comfortable, lightweight and deliver realistic sound. If you’re worried about making the purchase, you shouldn’t be, since this product includes a 2-year limited warranty!

Amazon Customer Reviews

"An excellent set of wireless headphones" - By Hi Ho
"Super form, functionality -- and cool, too!"  - By Kevin Woodward

Sennheiser RS 160

Although Sennheiser is also responsible for these headphones, they offer a somewhat different experience from the previous. The headphones are designed with comfort in mind. They’re entirely lightweight and only weigh 8 ounces! They’re also fitted with padding around the entire set.Not only do you receive padding for your ears, but your head also receives comfort.

This type of ergonomic headband, which is adjustable, ensures a comfortable and secure fit for everyone! With the included 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, you can rest assured you’ll get plenty of play time out of this set, before a recharge is required. Sadly, the headphones require 16 hours, until the battery is completely charged!

The headphones are capable of working on a small range of frequencies from 2.4 to 2.8 GHz. The specific frequency is automatically selected to ensure that you receive interference free sound. At the same time, the range is actually sufficient for most individuals. You can stray up to 60 feet, before the headphones will disconnect. Although the charging time is significantly long, you can enjoy approximately 24 hours of use, before you are forced to stop and recharge the batteries. Although the price is a little more expensive, these headphones are more functional and come with a detachable audio cable, which ensures that you can use it for a wider variety of purposes.

If you are looking for surround sound, then check out the Best Surround Sound Headphones guide where we feature the Sennheiser RS175

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" Crystal clear, static free headphones, plug in - turn on - perfect" - By Ed
"paradigm shift"  - By Mr Mike

Thomson WHP3001BK

There are many individuals, who understand the importance of using headphones, while watching their favorite television shows and movies. If you fall into this category, you should check out the Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones. These wireless headphones are specifically designed for this performance, yet they’re exceptionally affordable. The headphones deliver a range of 100m. 

When used inside, they can transmit up to 20 to 30m, which should be more than sufficient for the majority of users. These headphones are built for long use. The elastic headband ensures you remain comfortable, after many hours of use.

The integrated volume control will give you the ability to adjust the volume on the fly. A convenient power button is also located on the headphones, so you can shut them off easily. The headphones operate off of 2 rechargeable AAA batteries, which are included. The batteries can provide you with 8 hours of usage, before recharging will be required.


  • Very comfortable headphones, which can be used for many hours, without discomfort
  • Utilizes 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, which deliver 8 hours of battery life
  • Comes with a recharging base unit for more convenience and added value
  • Capable of delivering 100m of range in open space and 20 to 30m in buildings
  • Utilizes the 863MHz frequency for less interference
  • Very affordable and reasonable for everyone


  • Strictly dedicated to television usage
  • Craftsmanship could be improved

All in all, the Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones are a great value. They’re affordable, comfortable and great for television viewing. For the price tag, the headphones are difficult to ignore. Check them out for yourself today!

Amazon Customer Reviews

" Great set for the money the sound is just perfect" - By Jo Richardson
"Good Quality Product!"  - By Douglas C. Johns

RIF6 Digital Wireless Headphones

​If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of headphones that are affordable, you’ll want to consider the RIF6 Digital Wireless Headphones. The design is somewhat sleeker than the previous, since everything is black and matches together perfectly. The set and charging station could sit unabashedly on your table or mantel. At first glance, the headphones appear to be a little bit bigger, but they’re actually very lightweight and entirely comfortable.

They can be adjusted to fit your head and ears, while the padding is capable of delivering maximum comfort throughout the television-viewing period.

These headphones offer wireless transmission through UHF technology, which operates on the 2.4GHz frequency. This allows you to use the headphones for a several different devices, including your television, computer or even a Hi-Fi radio. The set is capable of picking up and delivering the sounds from 100 feet away. The 2 AAA NiMH batteries, which are included, are rechargeable and provide you with up to 20 hours of sound, before you’ll need to recharge. The headphones are equipped with some smart features, such as preset volume, speed charge, and you will even receive a notification, when the battery is nearly dead. A 1-year warranty is capable of delivering a little peace of mind, with your brand new headphones!

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Awesome Heaphones! Rechargable, Great Sound, Well-built, and perfect for TV's!- By Saif Rehman
"work great and comfy"  - By ReviewStuffz


It is obvious, by the above reviews that these affordable headphones are excellent for TV watching. While there is a slight difference in each brand, you would genuinely not be disappointed with either product. It is vital that you take note of the charging time and transmittance allowance, when searching for a suitable headset for watching television.